Training lay pastors in Mexico




500 pastors trained and impact on 22,500 church members




500 pastors trained and impact on 22,500 church members

Project story

Biblical teaching for pastors in Mexico

In Mexico, many pastors and church leaders lack adequate training. This is particularly prevalent among those living in poverty, who work tirelessly to make ends meet. This challenge extends to both rural areas and urban centres like Mexico City, where slums and working-class neighborhoods face similar struggles. Due to financial constraints, time limitation, or insufficient education opportunities, many find themselves leading congregations without formal training. In some instances, when a pastor unexpectedly departs, such as through death, a member of the congregation may be appointed to fill the role despite lacking formal preparation.

During a training session in Tlatzilapán, Mexico, NET has spoken to pastor Benjamin. Until five years ago, he was just a member and elder of the Reformed congregation in his hometown Tlaltizapán, to the south of Mexico City. The health of the local pastor was getting worse, and he asked Benjamin to replace him from time to time. Suddenly the pastor died..!

‘I was expected to lead the congregation, preach and make pastoral visits without education, books or friends to give me good advice. You may imagine how happy I am that NET Foundation has a Study Center nearby where I am welcome!’ – pastor Benjamin, Tlaltizapán

Pastor Benjamin at the right

This pastor’s response shows that the courses offered by NET are highly appreciated: he has been confirmed in his calling as a pastor, full of gratitude to God, and has been encouraged by the Biblical teaching that NET allows to teach there. The conference has been a blessing to this pastor who has been called, but did receive little education and training. This is how NET Foundation is working on her mission – to equip lay pastors and evangelists worldwide. So that they will be able to receive Biblical and theological knowledge, will be able to learn practical skills and will be able to do their work with ‘head, heart and hands’ by an inner conviction.

Physical and online education
NET runs in Mexico Study Centers with a small number of staff people. They are in charge to organize the small-scale conferences with about 50-100 attendees. During those conferences lay pastors receive biblically based education. Through the NET Study Centers, also online training is being facilitated. In addition, NET also helps theological institutions in Mexico setting up a curriculum for flexible distance learning. For many low-educated pastors, this is a great opportunity! These Bible schools are allowed to use the NET Curriculum and its online learning platform, which is of course beneficial for both parties involved.

‘Online theological programs are a good learning strategy for the formation of pastors. Many barriers are overcome like finances and time. You can see the impact of this strategy when students stay in their geographical place of serving the Lord and can keep on learning.’ – Fabricio Medina, coördinator NET Latin-America 

NET Foundation strongly believes in partnerships with other christian biblical institutes to further multiply its efforts. In Mexico, NET operates through two primary avenues regarding their concept of Study Centers.  One of these avenues involves collaboration with the Presbyterian Seminary of Mexico (STPM). NET has partnered with this theological seminary for 14 years! STPM sees the need for better trained pastors prompting them to initiate a pilot program in two remote locations in southern Mexico. The other aveneu is working through its own NET Study Center. Here, pastors are following training at two separate locations. To ensure the smooth delivery of this training, a team of three pastors has been carefully asigned. In addition, NET is partnering with three Bible schools to help equip future pastors and church leaders through online training. One in Northern Mexico (Monterrey) and two in Mexico City. Guided by our regional coordinator, Edgar Baldeón, from Ecuador, these Bible schools are thriving and actively enhancing their online programs using the Itslearning platform provided by NET.

Running the NET Study Centers including organizing various conferences, and facilitating 3 partners schools with online theological training, the total budget for a 3-years period of 2024-2026 is an amount of USD 240,600, which means USD 80,200 per year. NET Foundation is raising 50% of this budget through its own supporter base; they have asked MissionInvest USA to raise the remaining 50%, which means USD 40,100 per year.

MissionInvest USA is excited about this project in Mexico since it will contribute substantially to the growth of the Church in Mexico. We are seeking grants for in total USD 120,300 to finance this great project for the whole project period 2024-2026. Your donation will certainly have lasting impact to better serve the Lords Kingdom in Mexico!

Matthew 24: 14 says, and this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. It is our desire that this Gospel be proclaimed clearly and distinctly throughout the world. Will you pray and help?

Through the NET programs, 500 pastors are being trained in a three-year program. Each of them serves a small congregation of 45 people on average. Indirectly, these 500 pastors will have lasting impact on 22,500 congregation members.

NET collaborates directly with pastors and church leaders who confront various challenges on the ground, including floods, droughts, wars, and persecution. Their resilience and optimism in overcoming these obstacles are truly inspiring to us.

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