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Hi, I am Wim Hasselman. What do I find to be the most valuable conversations? Sharing thoughts about what matters most to you. You get a glimpse of one another’s heart. Only then it is about values that you share as Christians. The passion that you feel deep inside. Your beliefs, your vision and how you want to carry out that vision. Your personal mission! 

My personal background is in business. I have worked there with pleasure for 15 years. So, I speak their language, know their drive, love their optimism and their motivation to exceed the limits. Then I deliberately switched to the NGO world; 18 wonderful years! In December 2018 I founded MissionInvest and became an entrepreneur myself. I know both worlds from the inside. And I also know that both worlds have a lot to offer each other! From that conviction it has always been my mission to connect the business and NGO world by building bridges. Especially, in doing things together we realized the most beautiful projects.

Would you like to discuss the various options how you could invest in YOUR mission? Either through philanthropy or impact investments? With MissionInvest I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner. Let’s create ripples of hope together!

Wim Hasselman

Hope to meet you soon!

Board of directors

The variety of MissionInvest's projects requires a diverse team of boardmembers each representing a different field of expertise.
Diversity by State of residence is part of the policy.

MissionInvest USA is a 501(c3) tax-exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.