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20 villages (20 cell churches; 13,000 people in 2 years)




20 villages (20 cell churches; 13,000 people in 2 years)

Project story

Ripples of God’s Love through the Ministry of Fountain of Hope!

For many people in Cambodia, every day is a challenge to survive. It is only about 40 years since the Khmer Rouge regime killed a quarter of the population, causing chaos and poverty. Even as the economy begins to grow, most of the population lives in poverty and have little hope for the future.

Fountain of Hope is committed to telling underprivileged people in Cambodia about the love of God, with words and actions. Numerous cell churches (house churches) have been founded from which humanitarian projects have been set up. The team consists of local people who know the population well and determine with them what help is needed. The team members work together with volunteers from the cell churches to shape the help needed.

‘The workers in Fountain of Hope are hardworking, diligent, and committed to the vision they carry. We can truly see their consistent work is a great help in the communities in Cambodia.’ – Erik Tronrud, Mission Pastor, New Life Church Alanbang, Manilla, Philippines.

Fountain of Hope believes that the Khmer are best able to help the Khmer. That is why it works with cell churches in rural villages, from which volunteers go to work. Fountain of Hope works in a holistic way, but above all, very sustainably. To meet the demand for help, several projects have been set up that together form a whole. We distinguish the following four programs:

1. Joy of our Children: includes children’s meetings, teenage meetings and the buddy project. Every effort is made to familiarize children with the gospel, teach them to improve their lives and provide security by teaching them to look out for one another.

2. Life of Hope: is about spreading the gospel. Cell churches are founded and cell church members are helped to develop in leadership and service.

3. Life with Value: because every life is precious! This is about addressing issues in a community. Together with village elders, we seek solutions to human trafficking, health care and support for parents. There are support groups for victims of domestic violence and for people affected by HIV/Aids.

4. Our Strong Village: working together to improve the quality of life in a community. Learning to read, growing vegetables together or learning how to care for a cow, goat or chicken. People are helped to get started with resources. They learn to save together so they can invest. The community becomes stronger through more opportunities and livelihood options.

With a limited budget (about €500,000 per year), Fountain of Hope has been able to achieve a great deal in recent years. The organization works in 168 villages and has nearly 11,000 children and youth in its program. It has also trained 5,350 people in growing vegetables, and raising chickens, goats and cows. And says Joke van Opstal (Founder): ‘that’s just a small sample of everything we’ve seen happen.’ 

In this project, the Love of God and love of people, go hand in hand. Thus, through the projects, people came to know the love of God and were changed as a result. In turn, they pass on that hope, knowledge and experience in their own environment. This invites people to open their hearts to the love of God. In this way, an act of love starts a movement, a ripple effect! In the past 8 years, over 5,500 people have already given their lives to Jesus. Talk about impact..!

Fountain of Hope is a project that continues to expand. Actually, it is not a project, but much more of a movement. Local people are touched, given hope and then take the initiative in their own village! Over the next 3 years, Fountain of Hope plans to expand its work to 35 new villages. On average, a village needs support for up to 10 years to reach the level of financial self-sufficiency.

MissionInvest USA is pleased and grateful that one of its donors has secured a generous grant of $80,000 to support Fountain of Hope with her ongoing initiatives across 20 villages for one year. This funding will significantly contribute to the success and sustainability of various programs aimed at fostering positive change within these communities.

Looking ahead, our ambition extends beyond the initial year. We are resolute in our commitment to nurturing these 20 villages for a minimum of two years. In pursuit of this objective, we are actively seeking financial support totaling $4,000 per village per year. This judiciously calculated allocation has been tailored to ensure the seamless execution and diligent monitoring of our initiatives.

By securing funding for the second year, we are poised to perpetuate the impact we have initiated. This extended period of support will enable us to refine and amplify the effectiveness of our interventions. Moreover, it will facilitate the cultivation of self-sustaining mechanisms within these communities, thereby fostering a legacy of enduring progress.We kindly invite you to consider partnering with Fountain of Hope. our support will undoubtedly catalyze transformative change, fostering hope and brighter prospects for those who need it most.

Invitation to partner
To make this possible, Fountain of Hope sought cooperation with MissionInvest USA. The assessment conducted shows that Fountain of Hope is an excellent fit with MissionInvest’s vision and approach. MissionInvest would like to appeal to its network to support this project, choosing from the following options:

  • One or more villages ($4,000 per village per year)
  • All 20 villages ($80,000 per year)

The total project costs for 20 villages in a period of 2 year is $160,000, of which $80,000 is already secured. We are looking for a matching fund of another $80,000 to cover the whole 2-years period! Would you like a project with personal involvement? Then this is an excellent project for it. A project visit is well worthwhile!

With your help as a donor, we would like to win the remote rural areas of Cambodia for Christ, and offer people there hope for the future!

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