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7,500 + over 1,000 flights a year




7,500 + over 1,000 flights a year

Project story

New hangar and office for MAF Suriname

The Suriname Missionary Flying Service, also known as MAF Suriname, originated from MAF USA. It is a non-profit airline that operates from the ‘Zorg & Hoop’ airport in Paramaribo. More than 90% of the country is covered by amazon rainforest causing many difficulties to travel by road.

MAF Suriname focusses on Mission, Medical Care and Community Development. Over 90% of our flights are related to these specific purposes. The remaining 10% is made up of a variety of customers who contribute financially to our main mission through their higher flight rates.

‘MAF’s flight services mean a lot to the people in the inlands of Suriname, because we reach those people with the right (emergency) aid and with the Gospel’ – staff MAF Suriname

The MAF Suriname project is all about building a new hangar and offices to accommodate the local team and to offer a much better facility to our customers we serve. The decision to build a new hangar is based upon the following:

  • The current hangar of MAF Suriname is more than 50 years old and therefore very outdated. In addition, it is far too small for the current fleet of three GA8-Airvans and cannot be expanded. With a completely new hangar, MAF Suriname can go on again for decades! A real future-proof investment!
  • Facilities for our IOEP pilot training are lacking in the current setting; the new hangar provides good training facilities.
  • When multiple aircraft are departing, the current space presents enormous logistical challenges resulting in long (unacceptable) waiting times; the new hangar provides enough space for 3 aircraft to be prepared for take-off simultaneously.
  • The current hangar is in such a bad state that many leaks cause unpleasant situations for the MAF customers that have to be transported; with the arrival of the new hangar it is again possible to offer clients and staff a much higher quality of service.

MAF supports missionaries, churches, Bible school Weejo to educate church leaders, an annual Bible conferences in the inland, and a children’s Bible project for the Trio’s and Wajana’s. MAF Suriname is of strategic importance and does have a lot of impact:

  • On average we operate about 1,000 flights a year!
  • While we could continue our regular medical flights, such as Outpatient and Ambulance flights, MAF Suriname transported during the Covid-19 period in addition 100+ Covid patients and conducted numerous Covid specialist trips and Vaccination flights.
  • Flights for personnel and building materials for the establishment of a clinic, a tea drying plant, satellite connection, etc.
  • We offer a unique 2-year Initial Operating Experience Program (IOEP) for so called ‘low-time’ pilots. Through this program the pilots are able to build experience in flying remote areas.

In short, a new building in which we can optimally serve the people in the interior. Such a new building is much more practical, safe and pleasant in terms of working conditions of the local team. Last but not least, it is also one of our top priorities on the short term to safely and securely store our aircrafts with a value of over USD 1 million.

The investment costs for the construction and furnishing of the new hangar totals USD 1,420,340. MAF the Netherlands has been raising the majority part, being USD 1,200,000. MissionInvest USA has been requested to raise through its network the remaining part of USD 225,000. With this facility MAF Suriname will be able to  realize its ‘Wings to the Gospel’ mission even better! Huge thanks to all donors who funded this project through MissionInvest USA! 


MAF Suriname has been able to build a new office with hangar in the past year and a half, after serving from the first hangar for nearly 60 years. Donations made the entire project possible. MissionInvest and its partners contributed substantially to it. We have greatly appreciated the cooperation with MissionInvest. Wim Hasselman communicated clearly, fulfilled his agreements promptly and ensured that the requested amounts by its relations always arrived on time. Nothing but praise. Warmly recommended!

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