Biblical teaching pastors in Cuba




7,500 pastors equipped




7,500 pastors equipped

Project story

Biblical teaching for pastors in Cuba

Despite poverty, ruined churches, and power outages, praise continues in Cuba! Watch the video below at the bottom to see it for yourself ! During a training session in Santiago de Cuba, NET has spoken to a pastor of the church in Antiga and Barbuda, an island state in the Caribbean Sea. He heard ‘by chance’ about the conference and was so grateful for the lessons he could attend!

‘This training has blessed my life. I was discouraged, but this has brought my ministry back to God. I thank Him for sending you with this refreshing Biblical message. It has pointed us in the right direction in a time and context in which we are quickly influenced by forms and methods that are not based on the Bible. Thank you for your practical teaching on the Word. God bless your ministry.’ – Pastor from Antiga and Barbuda island 

This pastor’s response shows that the courses offered by NET are highly appreciated: he has been confirmed in his calling as a pastor, full of gratitude to God, and has been encouraged by the Biblical teaching that NET allows to teach there. The conference has been a blessing to this pastor who has been called, but did receive little education and equipment. This is how NET Foundation is working on her mission – to equip pastors worldwide. So that they will be able to receive Biblical and theological knowledge, will be able to learn practical skills and will be able to do their work with ‘head, heart and hands’ by an inner conviction.

Physical and online education
Such conferences are also organized in Cuba where lay pastors receive biblically based education and equipment. NET also uses another form of education: NET helps theological institutions worldwide in setting up flexible distance learning. For many low-educated pastors, this is a great opportunity!

‘Online theological programs are a good learning strategy for the formation of pastors. Many barriers are overcome like finances and time. You can see the impact of this strategy when students stay in their geographical place of serving the Lord and can keep on learning.’ – Fabricio Medina, coördinator NET Latin-America 

The living conditions in Cuba are tough and difficult, but the Church in Cuba is growing and longing for education. NET is collaborating here with Apoyo, a Cuban organization dedicated to training pastors and church leaders. Discipleship training has been started in Santiago de Cuba to groups of church leaders, using the NET curriculum. In addition, two Bible schools will use the NET courses to equip pastors face to face. For online education NET is partnering in Cuba with eight Bible schools. They receive guidance, training and support in implementing online theological education and developing online courses.

From 2023 – 2025 an amount of USD 35,000 per year is needed to provide pastors in Cuba with Bible-based training so that they can spread the Gospel in their congregations through word and deed, the so-called NET Study Centers. A small group of staff people run the NET Study Centers and they are organizing in different places across the country small scale conferences for about 50 attendees per conference. Next to the NET Study Centers with the more personal approach, NET has also build partnerships with local institutes, the so called partner schools. This group will receive three years of online theological education and training through ten different partner schools. All partners receive guidance and training in developing online courses and offering them. During the project period 2023 – 2025 an amount of USD 15,000 per year is needed to train and equip pastors in Cuba this way.

MissionInvest USA is excited about this project in Cuba since it will contribute substantially to the growth of the Church in Cuba that has suffered for decades. This project costs are USD 50,000 per year. MissionInvest USA is looking for grants for in total USD 150,000 to finance this great project for the whole project period 2023-2025.

Following the principles of ‘Train the trainer’ NET wants to train 750 pastors in a 3-year period. If these pastors each pass on what they have learned to ten others, 7,500 pastors will be equipped! Your donation will certainly have lasting impact to better serve the Lords Kingdom in Cuba!


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